Police Constable Quiz Test 24

In which field is the Able Award given?


‘Who is known as a worshiper of folk art?

Khodidas Parmar

In Bhakti Niketan Ashram, which hermit has presented Kantikari thoughts clearly and fearlessly?

Swami Sachchidananda

Which option is used to change the paper size in Ms word?

Page setup

Who was greeted by Lanpul as “Short Akbar”?

Dara Shikoh

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Which phase of public administration in the history of public administration is known as the Dark Ages of Administration?


Which of the following processors came first?

Starword star

What is Windows Exploer?

File manager

What is the extension of the project file


When was football first organized?


Identify the metaphor: Shamal says another father, recognized as Han.


“A family of two dies of starvation.” What does this saying mean?

A. Man stays hungry. B. There is a lot of work to be done.

C. A man who behaves with uncertainty gets into trouble D. Not using foresight or foresight

Which word is not synonymous?

A. Deterioration B. Deterioration C. Deterioration: D. Condemnation

Estimated distance between the sun and the earth …..

15 .. crore ..

What is the total number of satellites in the solar system?


What are the black spots on the surface of the sun called?

Sun stigma

Where is the earth between the two planets?

Venus and Mars

Where was Adil Mansoori born?


Whose ghazal collection is ‘Village in the Name of New York’?

Adil Mansoori

Ramanarayana Pathak started writing literature under which pseudonym?


What is the festival to be celebrated in 90 years?

Billiam Festival

Who has written the book Jeevan Vikas and Jeevansangram?

Indulal Yagnik

What type of rock is granite?


.. 26 .. What was the magnitude of the Kutch earthquake in January 2001?


What is the tallest volcano in the world?


Man gamnyati ball damayanti, nalle padyo saad alankar olakhvo?


Rocket operates on Newton’s law of motion?

Third rule

What is Pangea?

Adi Mahakhand

Police Constable Quiz Test 23

What is the set of rules called?


What is the unit of power of a lens?


To whom will the officer appointed to investigate the crime under the Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act send the investigation report?

A. Home Secretary B. District Magistrate C. Superintendent of Police D. Director General of Police

Whose statue is there in Jain Derasar?

Dhammanath (Tithakar in 18)

In which village of Gujarat do people of African descent maintain their distinctive culture?


Burgaby is the national sport of which country?


What is the synonym of Kasar?


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Whose nickname is Badrayan?

Bhanushankar Vyas

The first M. in Gujarat. a. Who got the degree of?

Ambalal Shankarlal Desai

What is the name of the coach of Himadas?


Lokvan is a variety of which crop?


How many days did it take to draft the Constitution of India?

1083 days

What is the currency of Jordan?

2 dinars

What is the shortcut key to make the text bold in MS word?

Ctrl + B

What is the 23rd date of Jain Dhamma?


What is the sign of Tithikar Pashwanath?


Which of these is located in Kutch district?


What is the prevalent species of poultry found in Indian villages?


All the laws that came into force before the commencement of the Constitution are considered null and void if they are inconsistent with the provisions of fundamental rights. In which article is this provision?

Article 13

Where was the first Gujarati to be appointed as US Ambassador?

Gaganvihari Mehta

What is the meaning of “Karda”?


When was the Ghar Divada Yojana started?


Police Constable Quiz Test 22

Who wrote the book ‘Planned Economy For India’?

M. Visvesvaraya
For the Governor “The Governor’s job is only to welcome guests, to have tea and breakfast.” Who said
Pattabhi Sitaramaiya

Wesar style of temple construction was first developed by which dynasty?


Hey, my naive teacher doesn’t have poetry yet … Identify the verse?


How many years of Rakshabandhan and 15th August falls on the same date?

14 years

How many items have got GI tag in Gujarat?


Bhaliya wheat

Keshar curry of Gir

Kutch embroidery

Patolu of Patan

Surat Jarikam

Jamnagar Bodhani

Badhani says __ in English?


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When was SEBI established?

12 April 1988

Which word is used for tribals in the Constitution of India?

Scheduled Tribes

What was Gandhiji’s favorite sport in his student days?


What is the only bird that can rest on its own?


Explain the meaning of the word tadbir?


When was BSNL founded?


Scientific name of cow?

Boss Index

When was the Machchu Dam broken?

11 August 1979

Which Indian bird is known as “Police Patel” of birds?

Cars Koshi

Where is the Heritage Khalsa Museum located?


Who translated Leo Tolstoy’s novel War and Peace into Gujarati?

Jayati Dalal

Gujarat Post Circle Recruitment 2021 For Postman | MTS And Other Post

An advertisement has recently been issued by the LRB. All the information about the advertisement is given below. Anyone who wants to participate in this advertisement can read all the information and participate. Information for participation Age Limit Educational Qualification Application Fee All the information about how the selection will be done and how to apply is given Here.

Gujarat Post Circle Recruitment 2021

Total Post: 188

Post Name

  • Postal Assistant/ Sorting Assistant : 71
  • Postman : 56
  • Multi-Tasking Staff : 61

Job Category

Gujarat Government Job

Educational Qualification

Postal Assistant/ Sorting Assistant : 12th class or 10+2 from a recognized university. The candidates will be required to furnish at least 60 days duration basic computer training certificate from a recognized computer training institute before issuance of appointment letter.

Postman : 12th passed. Knowledge of local language i.e GUJARATI. The candidate should have studied local language i.e GUJARATI at least up to 1Oth Standard.

Multi-Tasking Staff : 10th class passed and Knowledge of local language

Age limit

  • Postal Assistant/ Sorting Assistant/Postman – 18 to 27 years
  • Multi-Tasking Staff – 18 to 25 years


  • Postal Assistant / Sorting Assistant : Rs. 25500 to Rs. 81100
  • Postman : Rs. 21700 to Rs. 69100
  • Multi-Tasking Staff : Rs. 18000 to Rs. 56900

Selection Process

Selection will be done on the basis of candidates’ educational and sports qualification

How To Apply?

The eligible candidates can send their duly-filled application by affixing their recent passport size photograph to “O/o Chief Postmaster General, Gujarat Circle, Ahmedabad – 380001” on or before 25 November 2021.

Important Date

Last Date: 25/11/2021


The candidates shall have to credit Application fee of Rs100/- (Rupees one Hundred only) through e-payment (using Challan Form) in the name of CPMG GUJARAT CIRCLE, National E-BILLER ID No 70140, at any of the computerized Post offices in India

Important Link

Apply Offline


Police Constable Quiz Test 21

Maximum time allowed in Auto Save in a Word file?

2120 minutes

How many districts in Gujarat currently have tribal population?


Name the first psychology of Gujarati language and its author.

Chittashastra-Manilal Dwivedi

Which book was written by Alexander Farbes on the dynasties and historical events of Gujarat?


What measures the quality of a scanner?

ppi (pixel per inch)

PiDpi (dot per inch)

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What are the benefits of adopting electronic governance in the administration in the state?

A. Quick task disposal and task classification B. Reduction of corruption

C. Instant exchange of information D. All of these are true

What is the power unit of Allens?


What is the set of rules called?


What is the equivalent of the word crow?

A. Champo B. Only C. Cuckoo D. Vyso

By what other name is Ramadan Eid known?


What percentage of the party gets general party status in the general election?


What is the spelling of haiku?


Who was the one who wrote costumes like Odan Zanda Jhulan and Raja Deghan?

Asait Thackeray

Which economist gave the concept of Hindu growth rate?

Prof. Raja Krishna

In areas where more irrigation is done, a salt crust is formed on some lands. What is it called?


Q is the first Indian newspaper to be found on the internet?

The Hindu :.

In which year was the ozone depletion first observed?


What is the synonym of “white”?

A. Black B. White: C. Green D. Red

Give a synonym for the word “watch”?

A. Sentence B. Form C. Souday: D. Speech

How many amendments were introduced during the meeting of the Constitution?


Lokrakshak Bharti Board (LRB) Recruitment for 10459 Constable Posts 2021 (OJAS)

An advertisement has recently been issued by the LRB. All the information about the advertisement is given below. Anyone who wants to participate in this advertisement can read all the information and participate. Information for participation Age Limit Educational Qualification Application Fee All the information about how the selection will be done and how to apply is given Here.

Lokrakshak Bharti Board (LRB) Recruitment

Total Post: 10490

Post Name

Sr. No.Name of PostsNo. of Vacancy
1Un-Armed Constable Lokrakshak (Male)/ બિન હથિયારી કોન્સ્ટેબલ – લોકરક્ષક (પુરૂષ)3492
2Un-Armed Constable Lokrakshak (Female)/ બિન હથિયારી કોન્સ્ટેબલ – લોકરક્ષક (મહિલા)1720
3Armed Constable Lokrakshak (Male)/ હથિયારી કોન્સ્ટેબલ – લોકરક્ષક (પુરૂષ)534
4Armed Constable Lokrakshak (Female)/ હથિયારી કોન્સ્ટેબલ – લોકરક્ષક (મહિલા)263
5SRPF Constable (Male)/ એસ.આર.પી.એફ. કોન્સ્ટેબલ (પુરૂષ)4450
Grand Total Posts :10459

Job Category

Gujarat Government Job

Educational Qualification

Standard 12th (Higher Secondary Examination passed) or its equivalent.

More Read Official Notification

Age limit

18 to 35 years.

Selection Process

Written Exam & Physical Test

How To Apply?

Interested and Eligible Candidates may Apply Online Through official Website.

Important Date

Starting Date:  23-10-2021

Last Date: 09-11-2021


Please read Official Notification.

Important Link

Apply Online


Police Constable Quiz Test 20

Whose work is the fort of gold?

Sukanya Zaveri

In which state is the Ranganathitu Bird Sanctuary located?


“If Sonia Gandhi becomes the Prime Minister, I will shave her head” Whose statement is this?

Sushma Swaraj

What part of the body is called an “ophthalmist”?


Which festival is celebrated in 80 years?

Radium Festival

Which district had the highest number of Congress resignations during the Mahagujarat movement?


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What is the state bird of Assam?

White duck

Ice Hockey is the national sport of which country?


What is the national sport of America?


Dhamal, Fag, Khoria are the folk dances of which state?


What is the meaning of the word Ganat?

The sky

Which star is the brightest?


When is National Deworming Day celebrated?

8 August

How many satellites does Jupiter have?


Fellows of which state is folk art?


What color star is Abhijeet?


What was the name of Abhimanyu’s wife?


Where was the Theosophical University established in India?


What is the region from Tapi to Devgarh called?


Police Constable Quiz Test 19

Whose nickname is Prayogveer?

B.K. Thakor

Who ordered the inclusion of Article 35A in the constitution.

Rajendra Prasad

Who was the first Union Minister of India?

Princess Amritakor

Which Egyptian missionary came to Gujarat from the time of Siddharth Raj Jaisingh?


Where was Maharaja Rajendrasinh born as a Lieutenant General?


Who led Rupa Naik and Keval Naik in the battle of 1857?


Who was the first Chief Secretary of Gujarat?

V. Ishwaran

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State the full name of the Tamil Nadu organization LTTE and its main leader who assassinated Rajiv Gandhi ….

IbLibareshan tigers of Tamil Ilam …

Neta Velu Pilaai Prabhakaran …

Whose work is Sharanai Walo and Seth?


Where is the volcano located in Fujia?


This Fujia is a sacred volcano in Japan … where people sacrifice animals .. in its mouth

The first battle of Terai was fought between whom?

Mohammad Ghori Prithviraj Chauhan

What is the area of ​​Gujarat equal to the total area of ​​India?


How many lotuses were there in the flag waved by Madam Kama?


What was the name of Prithviraj Chauhan’s father?


In which article is the provision of Finance Bill?


Who decides whether a bill is a finance bill or not?

Speaker of the Lok Sabha

Who was known as Sher A Punjab?

Lala Lajpatrai

What was the capital of India before 1911?


In which court is the only idol of Bhagat Singh located in all of Gujarat?


Vedic civilization developed on the banks of which river


The Chief Minister of which Indian state is known as “Mama”?

Madhya Pradesh

Police Constable Quiz Test 18

What principle does the washing machine work?

Center Tyagi

Copacup is offered in which sport?


The ancestors of Bhagwati Charan Vahora, who was martyred in a bomb test, were natives of which city of Gujarat?


What was the original name of Dewan ‘Ganga Ojha’ who transformed Bhavnagar?

Gaurishankar Udayashankar Ojha

Which writer was involved in the committee for Somnath Mandir?

Kanaiyalal Munshi

When was Gandhinagar first declared as a capital?

March 16, 1960

Who was the only Chief Minister of Gujarat to lose the election on budget demand?

Babubhai J Patel

On what date was the first meeting of Gujarat Legislative Assembly held?

18 August 1960

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Who started the ‘Feast of Shoes’ for women?

Motibhai Amin

Who got the honor of being ‘City Suba’ during the freedom struggle in Ahmedabad?

Jayanti Thakor

Who was the chief founder of Dehra of Hathisih?

Premchand Salat

In which district did the Pal-Chitaria massacre like Jallianwala Bagh massacre take place?


Which bird drinks only rain water?


Who wrote the book “Satyagraha at Champaran”?

Rajendra Prasad

Talpado word of “Dhoblu”.?


What did the postman say in the time of Ritughalak?


When is Women’s Safety Day celebrated?

1 August

In which district was Madhav Singh Solanki born?


Whose work is Postmaster?

Ravindra Nath Tagore

Which planet has the most satellites?


Where is Rajwant Mahal located in Gujarat?


In what year was the Ministry of Human Resource Development established?


Police Constable Quiz Test 17

Which tree is worshiped on the day of Dussehra?


Where is the headquarters of ‘Paytm’ located?


Which veteran is known as Satyavir?


By what name are the songs sung by the tribes of Surat on the festival of Holi known?


What do women of Kutch wear in their ears?


When was NASA founded?


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Which of the following is a neutral solution?

A. Lime solution B. Lemon solution C. Baking soda solution D. Sugar solution:

The word “stallmate” is associated with which sport?


Where is the river Ludbi located?


Which acid is in tomato?


What is the pH of sea water?


What is the innermost part of the sun called ??


What is the outermost part of the sun called?


Nelson Mandela was the President of which country?


Where in Gujarat is the mosque of Mohammad Ghosh located?


In which city is the ‘Dharavi’ slum located?


Which is the state bird of Uttar Pradesh?


Which chemist discovered hydrogen gas?


Which is the largest river in Central Gujarat?

6 months

Surati and Jhalawadi are species of which animal?


Whale and arthritis are species of which animal?


Titoda is the main feature of which fair?


When is Hand-Washing-Day celebrated?

15 October

In which country was the recruitment process first done?


Which party symbol is in the glasses?

Indian National Lok Dal