Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan-dhan (PM-SYM)

ShramApp is Product of Shri Shakti Infomotion Pvt. Ltd. (INDIA)
On ShramApp you can find all types of entry level jobs along with jobs for freshers and experienced people in multiple fields. You can choose from a variety of job options like Back Office Jobs, Marketing & Sales, Tele-calling /BPO/Customer Care, Delivery, Driver, Field Sales, Technician, Beautician, Biker and Rider, Receptionist and Front Office Jobs, Accounts Jobs, Data Entry Operator, Office Assistant & Office Admin, Office Boy/Clerk/ Peon/Helpers, Graphic Designer, Cook, Hotel Staff and Hospitality Jobs, Housekeeping, Ward Boy & Nurse Jobs, Hardware Engineer, Security Guards, Welder, All Types Of Technician Jobs – Electrician, Turner, Fitter, Plumber, Mechanic, Wire man jobs.

Shri Shakti Infomotion Private Limited is 100% Indian organisation who stabilised for country, serves for country. Our team of experts from all walks of applied emotions, sciences and work together to deliver super-smart organisational intelligence.

Why this App:-

Businesses are facing the darkest clouds ever in the history of commerce.
This is resulting in sudden losses in the employment rate. The situation has dispossessed millions of jobs all across the globe and hence, a virtual vaccine is something that we all need to recover from what seems a never-ending job eating parasite. From a virtual vaccine, we mean a digital platform through which we can not only operate our work but also can protect ourselves from this situation.
All you will be required is the right set of skills to work remotely and communicate your requirements virtually. The rest of the things are taken care by us. So, cheer up as the days of despair that your job loss has infected you with are over. Use this app, talk about your experiences, your skills, and within a time lesser than you expected you will be pulling out the best job for yourself to recover from the financial shock that you are bearing along with your family.

For the employers:-

Here goes a word of wisdom, the world is not the same anymore and it will continue to become digital with each passing day. With us, it is now extremely easy for you to connect with the right set of employees, having the ability to drive your organisation forward.
We are grateful to get tremendous success to help the talented and deserving workers to get jobs in the profile of electricians, plumbers, starting level mechanics, receptionists, floor attendants, and more. Fueled by the tremendous success we are now expanding and getting into the different departments of the corporate. Try us as we are just a tap away from you!

Precious Request:-

As a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, it is a request to the employers to register unemployment workers in this App in order to help them in earning better money. This will help those directionless workers to earn some money so that they can support their family in the hour of need. – Ranjana Deb

ShramApp Features:-

• ShramApp is a 100% Indian app.
• ShramApp is made by the people of country and for the people of country.
• ShramApp is the great platform for the unemployed and displaced labourers.
• On ShramApp labour and job providers can made their profiles and this is absolutely 100% free.
• On this app we can also find our daily needs like a.c. repair, electrician, plumber, driver, home tutors, etc. easily.
• You can also talk and select labour directly from this app.
• This app provides you opportunity to select poor labourers directly and help them to run their home smoothly.
• This app tells you about the work opportunity according to your profile details.COLLAPSE


Daily Current Affairs – 13-05-2021


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Jawahar Navoday Exam Maths Quiz 15

All subjects, meals, books, education, teaching literature and uniforms are provided free of cost in this Navodaya Vidyalaya.

The main objective of Navodaya Vidyalaya is to find the bright children of the village and give them proper education and encourage them. For this, Navodaya Vidyalaya has been established in every district for the benefit of the children of all the districts.

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  1. How much is 500 for 5 kg?
    100%, 10%, 12%, 15%

2. What is 20% of Rs.1000?
Rs 200, Rs 100, Rs 500, Rs 300

3. 120% right?
3/5, 5/6, 6/5, 4/10

4. Respect 20% of 240.
24, 18, 20, 48

5. A bus stand has 3 yellow buses out of 12 balls. How many buses will be yellow out of 100 buses?
25, 20, 18, 30

6. Whose price is 3/20 from the following name?
172, 168, 162, 182

7. What is 50 to 50% larger amount?
25, 50, 100, 75

8. How much does it take to find 0.10 percent of a number?
10, 0.010, 0.10, 0.01

9. Which of the following is equal to 0.245?
245%, 0.245%, 2.45%, 24.5%

10. What is 18% of 900?
172, 168, 162, 182